Before UX

From México City, I was born in june of 1976.

I started studying Graphic Communication Design in 1997, at UAM Azcapotzalco, graduating in December 2001.

Since 2000, I joined Discos Ciudad record company, where my work consisted of defining the image of the groups that belonged to the company, as well as designing and producing album covers and DVDs and marketing products. In this company I managed to define the general image of it, as well as the sub-stamps. I developed the appropriate pre-press and production processes to accelerate and make delivery times more efficient.

In 2006 I joined Sack Studio, design studio where my job was to design materials and / or prepare files of all kinds, both printed and multimedia. Here I managed to form an excellent work team with which we could optimize the quality of the products, as well as improve delivery times in pre-press and multimedia.

In the middle of 2007, I started working for Thomson PLM, currently PLM Latina, a medical publishing company well known for its dictionaries and where my main task was to develop special editorial products, general education products and covers of magazines, books and dictionaries.

At the beginning of 2009 I joined the design team of On Screen, a company dedicated to the production of films and documentaries, managing recognized brands such as National Geographic, BBC and Discovery among others. Here I managed to take charge of the image of 4 of the 5 strong brands of the company, as well as the development of effective processes for production, and unprecedented creation of marketing, editorial and multimedia material of these brands for their best exposure in the market.

At the beginning of 2010 I decided to dedicate myself fully to digital design, from there I started with web development and design, project management (PMI) and in recent years UX Design.

what i do
UX Design
Project Management
Web Design
Principal skills

As Project Manager and UX, it has been important to understand that my mission is to close every project with the expected results, and for that I must have a clear vision of the processes and needs of each project, as well as take care of the current aesthetic and technological standards.

Design Thinking
UX research
User Interface
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana - Azcapotzalco, México
Comunication Graphics Design
Mac School, México
Web Design Develop
Intersoftware, México
Project Management Diplomat
2018 - 2019
ESDesign, Barcelona
Master in Art Direction and Design
Sep 2018 - May 2019
Cultura Colectiva - Sr UX designer CDMX, México

  • Analyzed the behavior of users about the company's products, by means of Google Marketing Platform and measurement software.
  • Worked under the scheme of continuous improvement in the products, in order to give them a best performance.
  • Made web and functional design for MKT campaign of external customers of the company with the aim of offering the best experience within their sites or our products.
  • Made planning and implementation of complementary projects to the products and services of the company.
  • Provided advice for email marketing and social marketing.

Jan 2017 — Feb 2019
Grupo Edilar - Products and Services Innovation Manager CDMX, México

  • Detected areas of opportunity in processes, products and services, in the different companies of the group, which I evaluated for improvement.
  • Update and develop marketing and training materials, printed and digital, for more concrete and efficient use.
  • Coordinated the development of digital systems and platforms to facilitate the internal work processes of the group.
  • Coordinated print and digital marketing campaigns, for various products and services at public and private level.

Aug 2012 – Oct 2016
Grammata México - Project and Develop Manager CDMX, México

  • Manage projects throughout the life cycle from their analysis, development, technical support and training of SW and HW products of the company.
  • Facilitate communication between the client and the development team using my knowledge in areas such as telecommunications, digital content, application development and HW.
  • Coordinate digital content and HW on social networks (Facebook / Twitter / Google+) and internet sales.
  • My knowledge of the education market has been enriched by working relationships, from public and private schools to large companies such as Samsung, Lenovo, Intel, Huawei, Microsoft, Telmex and IBM, as well as the world's most recognized publishers and Mexican government institutions such as the SEP, SCT and state governments.

Feb 2012 – Apr 2012
UX/UI Consultant - Coda Group CDMX, México

  • Redesigned the functionality and graphics of administrative systems, for better usability for the client in companies like Elektra Group, Waldos and Comex.
  • Worked on giving functional backward compatibility in browsers of very old versions with HTML5, CSS3 and JS, in order to delete files in ActionScript.
  • Worked with the Eclipse software and the Adobe CS5 Suit.
  • Helped to evaluate the design of interfaces in the development of systems and applications as a means of contact between the company and the public.

Nov 2010 – Feb 2012
Public Security Secretary (Plataforma México) - Analyst and Web Designer CDMX, México

  • Performed analysis, planning and layout of systems and web pages, under the MAACTIC development system, based on specific requirements of the different Undersecretaries and Administrative Offices.
  • Designed functional models in HTML, CSS and JS, so that a sample can be concluded as close as possible to the actual operation, both on the web and client-server systems.
  • Brought a clearer view of the strength of graphic design in the functionality of multimedia systems.
  • Consolidated a design team, from which, the company considers the design area as essential in the process of analysis and design of systems, taking it as a key stage within it.


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